The Official Band Announcement that no one cares about... yet.

The past few days I have been waiting to be interviewed for an online 'zine and I figured that I'd just go ahead and write it out here. I just want to get my thoughts together I suppose. We sat down last week for a few minutes and talked over our future. I think we all spent a little time on our own pondering about it. It's always encouraging when your thoughts are shared by other people close to you. We reached a consensus as soon as we started talking. I think I'm just going to lay them out in bullet points like the last post. It's easier for me to keep my thoughts together that way. 

1. Corner Gospel Explosion has decided to remain a 3-piece. That doesn't mean that we won't have some people filling in or helping out, but we're going to try our best to re-imagine our music as a 3-piece. It does mean that we will probably have to abandon keys/ synth for now. It's possible for us to work around it together, but then we'd have to sacrifice the quality of our live show quite a bit. We want to continue to be as entertaining as possible. 

2. We currently have plans to write, record and release a new album before the end of 2016, we already have 5 or 6 rough songs in the bank already. It's mostly just music, lyrics haven't been written yet. We plan on writing another 5-10 songs before we enter pre-production. Hopefully it captures our current feelings and emotions. 

3. The music will probably veer away from the sound in "Tension". When writing a cohesive album it's best to trim away the fat around the edges and try to put songs on it that make sense together. That won't be the case this time around. We're going to just let it be. The instrumentation will probably be all over the place, but we're ok with that. We probably won't be able to re-create every song on stage and that's just fine. We're not as concerned about the "Product" as we are about making something that sounds authentic, honest and raw. We will still strive to create a high quality album, but it's just going to be different.

4. We will also be working with Brandon to help get his project "A Year in Days" off the ground. While the music still falls in the "rock" genre, it will be very different from the style that CoGo plays. We really believe in what Brandon is doing and we be partnering with him to get it done. He's spent the last few years creating and needs to get an album recorded. I anticipate that we'll have that recorded and released in early 2017.

5. As with most local bands, we are reaching the place where we need to either make a hard jump and starting touring or accept our fate as a local band. Right now our focus is on renovating our sound, recording and releasing an album, but a time is coming when we'll have to make a decision about how much we want to try and make this a means of employment. That means quitting our job and putting our full effort into musical endeavorers. It's scary, but it's a hard truth we have to accept.

6. I really hope that we can achieve our goals. It seems like life is usually some good, some bad and a lot of hard work for just enough reward to keep you moving. I definitely feel pretty exhausted sometimes. There is a burden and pressure that comes with being a creative type. You're just pushing a boulder up a hill and when you get enough strength to push it up another few inches,  the hill gets a little steeper. You need those plateau's in life to breathe and see how far you've come. It's been a long while since I felt a plateau, but I suppose that it's just the human experience. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Is it entirely exhausting? Absolutely. What is there to do but keep pushing? We are so blessed by your support and we can't wait to show you what we'll make.